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In a world of chaos & creativity it's not about what's wrong or right, it's about shaping
a good life


90-minute ASK ME ANYTHING Session $250   SCHEDULE

Improve your MINDSET with a  6-week app-guided course + live coaching
*start dates April 1st or April 29th*   CONTACT ME   for more information




What People Have To Share

 "I have had the pleasure of working alongside Josie throughout the pandemic and have appreciated her positive perspective and uplifting energy. She brings joy to a space and can brighten one's day! Her passion for wellness and creating healthy, vibrant, and nourishing spaces for us to thrive in is so needed right now."   Gaia B. Ashville, N.C.

 "Working with Josie was nothing short of profound. Full of knowledge and wisdom, she is skilled at reading energy patterns and collaborating on artistic ways to create new energy flows in areas where there are challenges. She is generous with her time and holds a respectful, nonjudgmental container for the work she does. When I’m in Josie’s presence, my energy feels brighter and more brave. Josie is a leader who is excited to make a difference in people’s lives, on both the individual and larger social-justice levels. She is making a difference, and creates a lot of beauty in her wake!"  Ahni B. Eugene, OR

 "Josie Adele has a love and lightness of Being that is transferred in her support of beauty and balance for your body and home. Weaving the elements of nature with clarity and passion, you are shown steps to a life you may have only dreamed of. Modeling transformation with her own life experiences, Josie is an inspiring partner to catalyze a fulfilling life!"    Loree O.B. San Diego, CA

Hi, I'm Josie

Welcome to JADE Living! With a special attention to our surroundings, we can all live longer, happier, more fulfilled lives. I am here to guide you on a rewarding path of regenerative living and to show you how you can improve your cognitive function, lifespan, and overall happiness.

 Through my years of experience, I know that clearing out clutter both physically and emotionally can help reduce anxiety and provide a more manageable life. I am dedicated to creating inspiring and treasured paths for soul-filled living, and I’d love it if you’d join me on this journey.

You will be provided the tools and guidance to make your home feel more peaceful & regenerative. My mission is to introduce you to the joy of living. So come and join us as a JADE Life Gem and start your journey towards a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life!


Have you heard of the proven benefits of mental fitness?

It brings me joy to discover treasures that make living life easier for Us.  
This one packs some value for the day to day!

Cognitive Function




Mental fitness builds the muscles of the brain to improve everyday living

Join me in making a move & positively transform your life
(dancing is not part of the program but is always supported;)

Let today be the beginning of a new adventure!