Josie Adele
Utilizing Space To Help Shape Happy & Healthy

A few of my favs

  • Connecting with friends & family
  • Outdoor adventures
  • Snuggling my kitty Solstice
  • Soaking in hot springs 
  • Crafting & artistry

Let's explore your potential at home & beyond!

While I love beauty, textiles, and finishing touches, my curiosity has meandered the thresholds of space and its influence on our health and happiness.  What I have reflected on most in my experience is that the spaces we surround ourselves in shape us and can further optimize the outcome of our lives.  

It is part of my greater vision that we take the nurturing, inspired, rejuvenating, kind, loving people we are at home out into the world.  This envisions that home is all of these things for every Being.  My mission is to guide a sustainable path for getting us there that is both beautiful and functions with the support of what we most need to stay happy and healthy.

The Space Sessions I offer are modeled on regenerative living design and are inspired by the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and principles of regenerative living. We do the work with a universal understanding that change is constant and that every moment provides us with an opportunity to return, to choose anew, and to live well.  

Experience in a variety of living and working spaces as an interior designer over 20 years has empowered me to design for and educate on regenerative living.  While my jewelry design career deepened my understanding of meaningful imagery and the power it has on us psychologically.  A Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, Certification from the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui (covering both Classical Form & Compass Schools), extensive studies in the International Well Building Standard, and the International School of Detoxification all anchor my knowledge and signature approach.  

A forever student, my 'shelter in place' experience was enriched with education and understanding on how to connect, and more deeply relate, to others through the online space.  I have experienced with clients and co-creators that remote transformation through the virtual space is possible!  I gained experience as a Coach/ Guide in Transformational Teaching Online with the platform and their incredible team for 2 years.  I have immense gratitude for this experience and the impact it has had on me personally and professionally in my practice.

As humans, we are complex by nature, exponentially evolve through technology, and continue to seek health and harmony.  I believe harmonious and regenerative living is a result of a healthy space that includes: organization, improved sleep, reduced anxiety, healthier relationships, better health, increased confidence, prosperity, and more. This holistic approach to space and your wellbeing focuses on curating a healthy, supportive, and regenerative space where you experience greater vitality to live well in a life you love.  

Our influx of technology, substance production, and early onset of chronic illness has inspired my activism and promotion of clean foods, clean air, and the Preventative Healthcare Revolution.  This activism, combined with my passion for design has inspired the JADE Space Sessions.  I believe that shifting our spaces can help to support the transformation that is necessary on a global scale.  We can shift the outside to help heal the inside!   I have had my own journey of wellness in my life and I look forward to providing you with more tools to transform and uplift yours!